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3DSNUS2.5 2.5.3

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Change log (2.5.3):
- it has an awsome icon;
- the not responding windows is solved and it is obvious is is runnign (cursur changes to wait cursor etc., it jsut seem smoother now);
- it has the ability to change the versions of the title. USE AT YOUR OWN RISK(this is actually for the whole program), so it can trick the 3ds in updating while it is actually downgrading (emunand for now).

- A bug is fixed which makes the program freeze when spoofing small version numbers.
- a scrollbar is added
- when an error occurred the textbox background turns red (so be extra extra careful with installing (if)),

- Errors are shown differently(a text is shown isntead of a red background)
- For firmware downloading you can enter "+" for spoofing 1 version higher than the current newest version for eacht title (this make it still updatable with net firmware updates);
- a progress bar has been added

- Downloading firmware 9.5.0 is fixed
- A 32 bit version is added

- support for NEW 3ds added
- removed the 32 bit version (as it was not working for some, still looking for a solution)

-Added "Try" Expectations (To Catch Errors & Prevent Crashing)
-Improved overall Layout/Design
-Fixed Some Crashes
-Added Menu Strip; With 3DS Tab: For selecting Firmware by Version, & Titles (Incomplete)

UPDATE 2.0.3:
-Fixed Some Bugs
-Added new icon
-Fixed more crashes
-Updated to Powerpack 4.0
-Fixed Some Other Things as well
-Added Timestamps to Logged Threads

UPDATE 2.4.1(REV1):
-Fixed some bugs
-Added new items
-Added redist folder
Note: A Small rev(REV2) will be released: 7/13 or 7/14;
The rev will fix the Crashes, and a new support layer for: "9.6.x ----> 9.8.x".
As well as a Update Notify feature.

UPDATE 2.4.2(REV2):
-Added Update Check Feature
-Working on the Crashing when downloading (v5136/4096)
-Fixed a BUNCH of other bugs (Minor)
-Working on a Server Client for Retrieving Update files
-Trying to find a good host server service :P
-Working on a better way to download Firmware Versions
-Added option for New3DS/Old3DS/Legacy(Old FW & BETA Models)
-Performance Improvements
- Added Dark/Gray Theme ( Better for your health :P )
Before, looking at a white layout hurt my eyes after awhile. (Other's to)

UPDATE 2.4.2(Minor Revision):
-Fixed some bugs
-Changed Layout (Slightly)
-Fixed Legacy mode (Due to crashing)

UPDATE 2.5.1 BETA1(!CAUTION!: This is a BETA!):
Note: Screenshot's may be Outdated!
-Fixed some Minor bugs
-Added tons of New FW Versions to the Menu-Strip
-A Few design changes here & there
-Fixed some minor Issues with "Legacy Mode"
-Added new Server Client Code (For the Future Update Feature)
-Slimmer Design, and new icons
-Removed Menu strip (It is pointless for now)

UPDATE 2.5.2 BETA2 (!CAUTION!: This is a BETA!):
Note: Screenshot's may be Outdated!
-Added VNM (Virtual NAND Mode);
This will allow Debugging of the Firmware by simply running it
in RAM, these Verbose Messages are returned from a Small component in the Application, that constantly reads the Kernal's Logs, but there is no GUI (As of Now), you may consider this Emulation.
At the Moment, there is an Option for it and Settings, but it can not be accessed.
-Fixed All Crashing Bugs!
Now you can download FW's Fully, without worrying!(All though, some New FW's Fail,
but Older Fw's work fine. Ex: 7.2.0-17 Works Fine, but 10.2.0 doesn't.)
-Changing 3DS Modes now Work's fully, and downloads;
The New 3DS/Old3DS Titlelist.
-Added Notification Feature.

UPDATE 2.5.3:
-Fixed Some minor Bugs
-Added Ext_Manager
-Fixed Some Minor Crashes
-Changed Some of the Design
-Working on Auto-Update Code
-Added VNM Installer (For Installing .cia's and 3ds/3dsx files)
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