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3DS ROM Tool 3.1

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'rom_tool' is a command line tool designed to check/manipulate CTR Cartridge Image (CCI) files, usually referred to in the 3DS Scene as "3DS ROM dumps".

Its major use is to reduce the size of CCI files (trimming) by removing dummy bytes(and being able to restore them again). Trimmed CCI files are compatible with the Gateway 3DS flash cart, and associated clones.

For those looking for GUI implementations, and instructions for rom_tool usage, visit the discussion page here:

Change log (3.1):
* Removed support for NAND dumps, now only supports CCI/CSU images
* Ditched Crypto Library
* Changed terminology, "CCI" has been used in place of "ROM"
* CCI information has been changed.
* Detects SDK version accurately
* Detects required kernel (NATIVE_FIRM) version accurately.
* Detects encryption key used for each partition.
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