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3DS ROM Tool 3.0

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3DS ROM Tool 3.1
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'rom_tool' is a tool designed to check/manipulate 3DS ROMs, mainly for use with Gateway 3DS.

Major Uses for rom_tool:

Read 3DS ROMs, and print information about them, including actual ROM file size, and minimum required 3DS FW etc.
Reduce the size of 3DS ROMs, by removing unused bytes, and be able to restore them again.
Extract the partitions from 3DS ROMs

ROM trimming and un-trimming is tested(to trim and un-trim correctly), and works with all 3DS ROM sizes, large(4GB) and small(128MB).

NOTE: You can remove about 30MB extra from a ROM by removing the update partition(in versions prior to rom_tool 3.0, this was referred to as "Super Trimming" ) . However unlike regular ROM trimming, this is a PERMANENT modification, and cannot be reversed. So use with caution and only when space is scarce. ROMs which have had their update partitions' removed will only work with Gateway Version 1.1 and above.

LINUX USERS: Issues are being faced, and fixing problems with checking the validity of the ROM Image file size has opened issues with file truncation. This may take time to fix. I cannot guarantee proper functionality of rom_tool in linux at the moment.


This is a command line tool, so you have to use cmd(or terminal for you Unix/Linux users) .

View ROM/NAND Header Info:

rom_tool -i Test.3ds

View ROM/NAND Partition Info:

rom_tool -p Test.3ds

Extract ROM Partitions:

rom_tool -x Test.3ds

Trim ROM:

rom_tool -t Test.3ds

Restore ROM (Untrim):

rom_tool -r Test.3ds

Remove Update Partition from ROM:

rom_tool -u Test.3ds

Change log (3.0):
* Renamed "Super Trimming" to "Removing Update Partition", to remove any confusion
* ROM Partition info is now displayed via a separate command
* ROM Header info, now has categories, and provides more information
* NCSD Signature is no longer display, it's irrelevant for most users of rom_tool
* Changed code which dealt with detecting and handling ROMs which have a removed update partition
* Detecting ROM target has been changed
* polarssl has been added for future use
* help text no-longer continues on next line.
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