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3DS ROM Tool 2.1

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3DS ROM Tool 3.1
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"rom_tool" is a tool I wrote in light of the recently announced Gateway 3DS. It has two features:

Read 3DS ROMs, and print information about them, including actual ROM file size, and minimum required 3DS FW etc.
Accurately trim 3DS ROMs, and be able to restore them again.

ROM trimming and un-trimming is tested(to trim and un-trim correctly), and works with all 3DS ROM sizes, large(4GB) and small(128MB).


This is a windows command line tool, so you have to use cmd.

View ROM Info:

rom_tool -i Test.3ds

Trim ROM:

rom_tool -t Test.3ds

Restore ROM (Untrim):

rom_tool -r Test.3ds

Change log (2.1):
* Removed dependency on C Standard library .DLL, on user's machines, as this was causing unusual errors.
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