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LBX NTRCFW Cheat Plugin+Source 1.0

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A basic cheat plugin for LBX: Little Battlers Experience. Tested on NTR CFW 3.0 but may work on lower versions.
Press UP+L to toggle infinite money and Battle Points (starts turned off).
Press X+R during a fight to set all items each of your characters is carrying to 99/99 (I think it goes away after the fight, but sometimes it doesn't. I'm not sure yet.)

Change log (1.0):
Changed infinite credits and Battle Points cheat to be toggled by L+UP on DPad because i realized Select toggles the Pause menu in game, making it impossible to turn the cheat off.
Pressing X+R during a battle now sets all of your character's items to have 99/99 of them. This goes away as soon as the fight ends, but you can just refill during each fight. I haven't seen any negative consequences from accidentally pressing this outside of battle, so I may make it auto-refill like the infinite credits and Battle Points cheat.
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