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iKurtiss LoZ: Twilight Princess in 3D for 3DS *LOW QUALITY* 1.0

Thumbnail 1 for iKurtiss LoZ: Twilight Princess in 3D for 3DS *LOW QUALITY*
3D video off Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess Compatible of playing on 3DS in 3D.Video taken from converted and uploaded from iKurtiss (LoZ: Twilight Princess in 3D *LOW QUALITY*
) video on YouTube.



All credit goes to me for the conversion and upload and making the video 3DS compatible in 3D.And credit goes to iKurtiss for making the video.

I will also be converting and uploading the rest off iKurtiss videos in 3D on 3DS shortly every day or so.

Instructions how to use:-
-Open the root off your SD card
-Look for folder DCIM click on it and open it
-Click on any folder titled 10XNIN03 (example 100NIN03)
-Copy & paste the video in that folder

p.s if you have a video with the same file name example (VID_0001) rename the video to (VID_0002) VID_XXXX

Once you have started up your 3DS scroll through your pictures and videos library and wait for your library to update.

ThatÂ’s it now download and enjoy :D

Change log (1.0):
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