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3DNES 1.0

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3DNES 1.2
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3DNES - NES Emulator for 3DS

Developer : St4rk
Forum link:

Change log (1.0):
Version 1.0
Release date : 2014-07-21
Homebrew type : ARM11 3DSNES.3ds

* Support MMC1, MMC3, MMC5(partial), UNROM, MAPPER 79, AOROM, CNROM.
* Frameskip
* Menu for rom selection.
* Joypad working.
How it work:
Just put your roms on SD card(3DS), and the .3ds on flashcard(gateway), and start the 3DNES.
Select your game and enjoy.
To return to menu just press L1, to up/down frameskip use left/right before start the game.
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