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3DNES 0.2

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3DNES 1.2
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3DNES - NES Emulator for 3DS

Developer : St4rk
Forum link:

Change log (0.2):
Version 0.2 (Not officially numbered)
Release date : 2014-07-15
Homebrew type : ARM11 3DSNES.3ds

* First version using ARM11 (.3ds format for Gateway Flashcart's homebrew launcher)
* A lot of mappers and PPU 6502 re-written and MMC3 mapper bug fixed.
* External ROM loading support.
Rename your ROM to "jogo.nes" and place it on your 3DS SD Card.
Place 3DNES.3ds on your MicroSD Card, launch it with gateway and enjoy.

Special Thanks to gdkchan :]
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