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Ultimate NES Remix [USA] - 402 Stars 1.0

Title: Ultimate NES Remix
Region: USA
Header: None
Flashcard: Gateway

In-game progress: 402 stars obtained

- Got three stars on everything played so far
- Completed all of Legend of Zelda
- Completed all of Super Mario Bros 3
- Completed all of Zelda II
- Completed all of Donkey Kong
- Completed all of Metroid
- Completed all of Punch Out
- Completed all of Kirby's Adventure

- Unlocked Ultimate NES Remix II
- Unlocked Punch-Out
- Unlocked The Legend of Zelda
- Unlocked Mario Bros.
- Unlocked Balloon Fight
- Unlocked Kid Icarus
- Unlocked Zelda II
- Unlocked Super Mario Bros Lost Levels
- Unlocked Metroid
- Unlocked Bonus I stage 5

Change log (1.0):
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