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Terraria World Save 2.0

This is a world that i moved all my Items too, i then Hex edited some items up to stacks of 999, like; Bait, a few Potions, some Bars, Souls, some Crafting Materials, Platinum Coins and all of the Boss Summoning Items. The world is already in Hard Mode and all Bosses have been beaten already. Most of the Altars have been smashed, Most of the Vendors are accessible. There is an Asphalt Sky-bridge going past 4 Sky Islands. There is also an Asphalt Bridge over the right Beach with Hearth Lanterns to fight Duke Fishron easier.

All Costumes
More Material stacks up to 999
Frost Moon Summoning Items
Pumkin Moon Summoning Items
Grab Bags
Wooden, Iron and Golden Crates
Heart Arrows
Rotten Eggs
Unlucky Yarn
Water Candles
Some Newer Potions
All Accessories have Warding
Bat Hook

Change log (2.0):
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