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Shantae And The Pirate's Curse (USA) - Game cleared, Pirate Mode Unlocked 1.0

Title: Shantae And The Pirate's Curse
Region: USA
Header: None
Flashcard: Gateway

File 1: Occupied
File 2: Empty
File 3: Empty

In-game progress: Cleared the game, unlocked pirate mode and alternate background for file select screen

Note: Pirate mode allows you to start a new game with all pirate gear, for a faster clear time


9 hearts
3 shampoo (Boosts attack)
3 hair cream (Boosts attacking speed)
3 Pistol upgrades
Scimitar polish
Backdash acquired
Recovery acquired
Heavy kick acquired

Other items:

11 dark powers inside lamp (13/20)
0 heart squids (28/32)
Risky's Pistol
Risky's pirate hat
Risky's scimitar
Risky's boots
Risky's cannon

Change log (1.0):
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