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Senran Kagura 2 [JAP] [Game completed] 1.0

Title: Senran Kagura 2 - Shinku
Region: JAP
Header: None
Save type: Emunand
Flashcard: Gateway

Slot1: Occupied
Slot 2: Empty
Slot 3: Empty

In-game progress:  Game completed

Unlocked Daidoji, Suzune, Kagura, and Naraku. Both playable and viewable in the dressing room, and on AR card

Unlocked all the clothing and accessories

Unlocked super Asuka and Homura (Press up on their portrait to switch to super mode)

Unlocked everyone's weapons, including their final weapon

Unlocked all the music in the soundtrack

Cleared all story missions, and all underworld grid missions. Cleared 21/30 side missions.

I created a guide on what the menu's translate to, and how to play the game with plenty of tips you may not know about:

Asuka Lv.30 (press up for super form)
Ikaruga Lv.16
Katsuragi Lv.15
Yagyu Lv.16
Hibari Lv.15

Homura Lv.32 (Press up for super form)
Yomi Lv.13
Hikage Lv.12
Mirai Lv.18
Haruka Lv.14

Deidoji Lv.3
Suzune Lv.9
Kagura Lv.3 (Can't change clothes)
Naraku Lv.3 (Can't change clothes)

Change log (1.0):
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