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MONSTER HUNTER 3 ULTIMATE [EUR] / g-rank unlocked 1.0

Region: EUR
Type: 3ds
TitleID: 00040000000B1D00
Flashcard: Gateway (v3.7.1)
Firmware: Emunand GW3D 10.7.0-32E

This savegame is for Gateway (mh3u.3ds) file.

all quests unlocked,G-Rank unlocked,
incl. tons of money, equipment, items ...
Hunter Rank: 84

All you have to do is to copy the savegame to the root of your sd-card!

By the way:
if you want to use this savegame with the wii-u-version of mh3u, then read the following steps:

We need:
- wii-u version of mh3u (i.e. for loadiine backup-loader)
- .3ds version of mh3u for Gateway-Card ... and
- .cia/eshop version of mh3u (installed on emunand)
- mh3u-data-transfer-program (3DS-app, available in nintendo-eshop)

The only way to transfer a savegame is from mh3u (cia-version) to wii-u (and from wii-u to cia-version) with the mh3u-data-tranfer-program.

1. Copy this savegame to the root of your sd-card and put sd-card back into your 3ds

2. Export the savegame from .3ds- to .cia-version of mh3u (->check the tutorial by liomajor on

3. Use the mh3u-data-transfer-program (3DS-app, available in nintendo-eshop) to transfer the save from 3ds (cia-version of mh3u) to wii-u.


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