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Inazuma Eleven GO2 Chrono Stones: Thunderflash (EUR) - SAVE 2.0

-Story Mode beaten
-Inazuma Legend Japan beaten
-Destrutchers beaten
-Version Exclusive Team (Nosfanatica) beaten.
-Secret Link level 3 done.
-Creatures of the Night beaten.
-All Grandpa's route teams beaten with S-Rank.
-Most Challenge Routes beaten with S-Rank
-ARCode Cheat applied: you have x99 of all techniques, talents, equipment, healing items, spirit coins and spirits.
-Aster and Flora recruited.
-All Protocol Omega captains recruited.
-Drakul (Nosfanatica captain) recruited.
-Tezcat/Vladimir/Sol/Simeon all recruited.
-Most Inazuma Legend Japan characters recruited.
-Nobunaga, Jeanne, Liu Bei, Koumei, Sakamoto, Okita and Arthur recruited.
-Some players are trained with excellent stats.
-All unlockable things from Light/Shadow unlocked.
-All Photos and Topics.
-More than 300 players recruited
-Around 65% achievements unlocked.
-2 Streetpass teams available to fight.
-Average team level 99.

*Credits to EoZ090 for linking the saves, thank you so much*

Change log (2.0):
2.0: Lots of stuff, almost perfect save (I need to beat a couple more challenge routes with S-Rank)
1.1: Tezcat and Drakul recruited, Streetpass teams plus other recruits and updates.
1.0: Initial Release
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