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Inazuma Eleven GO2 Chrono Stone: Neppuu (JPN) - SAVE 1.4

Gateway Omega savegame.

-Story Mode beaten
-Inazuma Legend Japan beaten
-Destrutchers beaten
-Version Exclusive Team (Tsukigami Clan) beaten.
-The Excellar beaten (1.4 onwards, you can use the "Pre-Excellar" save to fight them)
-Garsha, Asta and Fran recruited.
-Tsurugi Yuuichi recruited
-Hakuryuu recruited
-SARU, Meia and Giris recruited.
-Shuu bought, only the achievement is missing.
-Level 99 Challenge Route Key bought.
-All Wi-Fi things downloaded.
-Nobunaga, Jeanne, Liu Bei, Koumei, Okita, Sakamoto and Arthur all recruited.
-All unlockable things from Endou Mamoru Densetsu unlocked.
-All Challenge Routes unlocked (1.4 onwards)
-All Photos and Topics.
-More than 100 players recruited
-Around 50% achievements unlocked.
-Average Level 90.
-24/50 uniforms for Shuu's recruitment.
-Linked save (big thanks to ShadowX13/Plasma Shadow who linked the games)

2.0 will contain Shuu.

Change log (1.4):
1.4: Excellar defeated, All Challenge Routes Unlocked.
Pre-Excellar: Linked Save (thanks to ShadowX13/Plasma Shadow), saved in the Inazuma TM, ready to fight The Excellar.
1.3: SARU, Meia and Giris recruited.
1.2: Hakuryuu at good level, 25/50 uniforms for Shuu's recruitment, average Level 90.
1.1: Hakuryuu recruited!
1.0: Initial Release.
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