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Inazuma Eleven GO: Light (EUR) SAVE 2.0

-Story Mode beaten.
-Eternal Light aka Unlimited Shining aka Hakuryuu's team defeated.
-2.0 has Zero defeated.
-Tobitaka/Archer's key got.
-Around level 85
-Endou/Mark and Gouenji/Axel recruited.
-(2.0) Hakuryuu/Bai Long recruited

Big Thanks to JadeX92 for linking my games.
I will post my Shadow save (also linked by him, thanks a lot again) when I get a high team-level.

Change log (2.0):
2.0: Zero defeated, Hakuryuu got.
Pre-Zero: Linked save (thanks JadeX92), you can fight Zero at the Sanctum and view all the cutscenes.
1.0: Initial Release
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