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Fire Emblem: Awakening (JPN) Perfect Initial Save 1.2

Supported GW/MT/CIA.
Available to be imported to FE:A (JPN) retail cart by MT-card Launcher 2.1+/SaveDataFiler.

1) All support logs available on main menu
2) Renown 99999
3) All DLC Einherjars saved at Logbook (Some of them are full-trained)
4) Lunatic+ unlocked
5) No personal playthrough

[HOWTO] Inject this save into USA/EUR version
1. Load this save with JP game
2. Start a Normal/Casual and finish Ch.3
3. Delete all Logbook units
4. Export both this save and your own save with SaveDataFiler
5. Replace your own "Global" with this save's "Global"
6. Import the modified save

After the injection, you can get all features of this save except No.3 "All DLC Einherjars" on your USA/EUR game (because reading JPN Einherjars by USA/EUR game program causes Blackscreen).

Change log (1.2):
Added a SaveDataFiler exported version.
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