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Fire Emblem: Awakening (EUR) save 0.2

Supported GW/MT. Lunatic+ unlocked.
Doesn't directly support CIA (need conversion with a GW/MT and SaveDataFiler).

You can restore this save to any legitimate FE:A EUR cartridge by MT-card 2.1 Launcher.

FE:A (USA)'s SpotPass, StreetPass and Duel Tag are REGION LOCKED. You need to install Config.CIA to fix it on foreign 3DS consoles.
FE:A (JPN) & (EUR)'s SpotPass, StreetPass and Duel Tag are region free.

Change log (0.2):
0.2 - More units have been paired up. DLC!Micaiah/Seliph/Ike/Katarina enhanced (All trained except Ike).
0.1 - Chrom x Olivia only. No DLC Einherjars.
* For personal reason, I deleted all but the latest version. Please don't ask for them. Thanks. (04-09-2015)
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