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Bravely Default (USA) Intro - Lv. 4 0:58:08 1.0

Game: Bravely Default (USA)
Save: 00040000000FC500.sav made with Gateway 3DS 2.02B, emuNAND 7.1.0-16

Language is set to English, difficulty Normal, and I adjusted the speed of the text to be faster and adjusted the sound a little.
Settings can be changed anytime.

Slot 1:

Chapter: Intro
Play Time: 0:58:08
Kingdom of Caldisla - Town
Story: Met Agnès, back to town, talked to king, just unlocked the town's rebuilding menu, about to head to the lake

Tiz Lv 4
Agnès Lv 4

5 Quests Completed

Town's rebuilding:
- 1 citizen
- nothing started

Slot 2:

Slot 3:

Change log (1.0):
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