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Bravely Default FullTown USA

Game: Bravely Default (USA)
Save: 00040000000FC500.sav made with Gateway 3DS 2.02B, emuNAND 7.1.0-16

This is a save game by Ava with 394 citizens near the beginning of the game.

Chapter: Intro
Play Time: 2:29:05 min
Story: Met Agnes, went back to town, talked to the king, and just unlocked the town's rebuilding menu.

Tiz - 11
Agnès - 11
*Accidently saved after I killed a Nemesis with a 847K attack I received from someone, sorry!

Town completion:
-394 citizens
-Everything Built at level Max level 11
-Everything expanded
-Lots of Nemesis roaming around and are protected
Beelzebub 10
Beelzebub 99
Ba'al i; Turte Dove 99
Mammon 25
Belphegor 20
Asmodeus 70



Change log (USA):
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