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Bravely Default (EUR) Lv4

This is a gateway v2.0b/R4 v3.0 savegame with 131 citizens right at the start of the game.
This file is from unknown source who played in Japanese. Slot2 has the language setting reset to English and difficulty to Normal. Settings can be changed anytime.

Content of save slot 2:

Chapter: Intro
Play Time: 30 min
Story: Met Agnes, went back to town, and just unlocked the town's rebuilding menu. (You can start a new game in save slot 3 up to that point if you want to see the beginning of the game).

Tiz Lv4
Agnes Lv3

SP: 3 (max)
Completed Quests: 0

Town's rebuilding:
- 131 citizens
- Rigid Crag area access in progress (40min left)
- All other areas unlocked
- No shop built.

Content of save slot 1:
Lv18 Chapter: 1 play time: 5:31:03

Content of save slot 3:

Change log (Lv4):
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