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WillowTree# 2.2.0

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WillowTree is a program that lets you create weapons and edit almost every aspect of Borderlands saves.

-supports PS3 saves
-supports Xbox 360 saves
-supports PC saves
-weapon and item workshop

Change log (2.2.0):
Version 2.2 revisions performed by matt911, da_fileserver, and XanderChaos

WillowTree# was created by XanderChaos
WSG format research by matt911, Turk645, and XanderChaos
X360 class by DJ Shepherd
Major revisions by JackSchitt, matt911, and da_fileserver
Update v2.2.0
- Savegame conversion has been implemented. You can now write most saves as PC, PS3, or Xbox 360.
- Fixed inability to load Xbox 360 savegames at all in version 2.1 and 2.1.1 because of missing resource file.
- Window title updates now so you can look at it to know which character you are editing
- Fixed a bug in the item level/quality handling that resulted in Scorpio weapons being corrupted in all 2.1 revisions.
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