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WillowTree# 2.1.0

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WillowTree is a program that lets you create weapons and edit almost every aspect of Borderlands saves.

-supports PS3 saves
-supports Xbox 360 saves
-supports PC saves
-weapon and item workshop

Change log (2.1.0):
WillowTree# v2.1.0
Version 2.1 revisions performed by matt911

WillowTree# was created by XanderChaos
WSG format research by matt911, Turk645, and XanderChaos
X360 class by DJ Shepherd
Major revisions by JackSchitt

Update v2.1.0:
- Complete rewrite of the DLC block load/save code
- Reviewed, tested, and revised all the rest of the savegame read/write code. Should have fixed most remaining load/save issues.
- Fixed bank size corruption when there was only one echo log in a save.
- Locker saves item level, quality, and ammo now.
- Locker names will not change as much when you shut down and reload.
- Clipboard and file import/export gets validated more so you shouldn't cause a crash with invalid data as easily.
- Lots of fixes to the import/export/insert functions in the weapon, items, and locker tab of the UI. Added some slider controls like the weapon and item panel for consistency.
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