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MW2 lvl 70 offline multiplayer save 0.6

Modern Warfare 2 level 70 offline multiplayer saves.

1. Get your mp data from your 360 hdd. If you don't know where mp data is it's: partition 3/content/E0000(your account)/41560817/00000001/mpdata_E0000(your account)

2. Next copy the name of YOUR mp data(by right clicking and renaming and copy) and paste that to the downloaded mpdata_E0000 file.

3. Open the downloaded mp data in modio (google it) and hit the file contents tab

4. Right click the mp data file and hit rename. Just paste over it as you should still have YOUR file name in paste

5. Now hit the general file info tab and copy and paste YOUR profile and device IDs over the ones that are there. Now REHASH and RESIGN.

6. Replace the mpdata_E0000 file on your hdd, where you got YOUR mpdata, with this one and viola level 70.

Change log (0.6):
This save is a level 70 5th Prestige offline multiplayer save. This is not a hacked file I just play offline a bunch.

-An excessive amount of Titles and Emblems unlocked
-Most everything is unlocked
-8 custom classes
-Ready to prestige for the 6th time
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