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XexTool 6.3

XEX files are the executable format used by the 360, this allows them to be unpacked and information read from them. It can also generate IDC scripts for use with the popular disassembly/debugging tool IDA.

Additionally you can use this to hardpatch title updates to the xex file (naturally only of use to JTAG or RGH users).

The readme has example usage for a lot of things but it can be used for much more than that.

It is command line based but there is a GUI in "XexTool Gui"

Change log (6.3):
* fixed an issue where some xex files would not boot such as kinect xex files.
* changed the special patching to list and let you select which patches to apply. patches are done via bitflags so that multiple patches can be selected in one go.
* changed the internal search and patch data for special patching of xam and xbdm to support all known versions of these files.
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