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XBOX 360 ISO Extract 0.6

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Use this to extract the contents of a previously ripped XBOX360 ISO image. Use if you intend to patch or mod a game, or also if you want to remove the $SystemUpdate folder from an ISO image.

You can use "Create ISO" to create an ISO from these then modified files.

This is only really of use for JTAG consoles.

Change log (0.6):
-- version 0.6 (2010/10/11)
* $SystemUpdate directory is now skipped instead of deleted afterwards
* log window is now updated regularly
+ new progressbar to indicate the progress of the current file
+ new button to invert the extraction checkboxes

-- version 0.5 (2010/10/09)
* order of queue can be changed by drag and drop (right mouseclick)
- extra button for up and down are removed
+ changable extraction name (F2 or double click)
+ now finds *.iso, *.000, *.360, *.img
+ FTP support (just standard username & password (xbox:xbox) for now)

-- version 0.4 (2010/08/24)
+ order of the queue is changeable now
+ last iso and extraction dir are saved now
+ scans the iso directory on change and startup (needs a bit longer to load)
* some error handling added

-- version 0.3 (2010/02/16)
* first public release
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