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A GUI tool for extracting 360 isos. As of should support XGD3

Change log (
22/11/11 3:00 Version
- Update exiso.exe: extract-xISO V2.6.3, now supports ISO Type XGD3 (as amended by Aiyyo, version 2.7 of Somski is strongly discouraged because it
suffers from some bugs on the FTP).
- Simplification of the interface: improving the ergonomics of the interface and some cosmetic issues (tab order, button icons more explicit ...)
- Double click on an iso image from the list to view the files it contains
- A single click on an item that already was treated returns to the right place in the extraction of logs
- Can not copy directories $ SystemUpdate when extracting
- Possibility to make a pause during extraction
- The default destination (local or FTP) is now saved
- Creation of a setup file for those who have problems with missing files (DLL).
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