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Modio 5.301

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Change log (5.301):
5.27 - June 3rd 2014
Adds a Child of Light Editor.
5.27 - April 22nd 2014
Adds a Trials Fusion editor.
Adds a YuGiOh MD editor.
5.26 - March 30th 2014
Adds a Borderlands editor.
Adds DiRT 3 and DiRT showdown editors.
5.25 - March 21st 2014
Adds Assassins Creed III, IV, Liberations, and Brotherhood editors.
Adds a Castlevaia editor.
Adds a Dark Souls II editor.
5.241 - January 26th 2014
Adds a How to Survive editor.
Adds a Dead Rising 2 editor.
5.23 - January 5th 2014
Adds new functionality to the Fallout New Vegas editor.
5.221 - November 18th 2013
Adds a Call of Duty Ghosts editor.
5.22 - November 8th 2013
Allows users to delete their own saves in the save sharer.
Restricts users from uploading saves that cannot be shared due to the saves being profile locked.
Minor GUI enhancements.
A new editor is in testing and coming soon.
5.211 - October 22nd 2013
Adds more features to the GTA V editor.
Adds a Charlie Murder editor.
5.202 - September 17th 2013
Adds a GTA V editor.
5.199 - September 6th 2013
Adds a Saints Row 4 editor.
5.197 - August 31st 2013
Adds the ability to explore Xbox ISOs
Bug fixes and general improvements.
5.196 - August 20th 2013
Adds an editor for Splinter Cell Blacklist.
5.195 - August 12th 2013
Adds an editor for Payday 2.
The achievement unlocker can now support large profiles better.
Minor bug fixes and tweaks.
5.191 - July 28th 2013
Adds a gamer picture changer for profiles.
Tweaks to the achievement unlocker and how it works.
Fixes some minor bugs that were reported.
Support for Windows 8.1
Usability ehnahcements for all explorers. (Ex: Drag and Drop in/out to/from folders)
5.18 - July 19th 2013
Adds an achievement unlocker for profiles.
Tweaks and bug fixes. (5.181)
5.17 - July 15th 2013
Adds two new editors, Painkiller and Fallout: New Vegas.
5.16 - July 7th 2013
Adds a new editor for Deadpool.
5.15 - July 1st 2013
Adds two new editors, Red Dead Redemption and Just Cause 2.
5.14 - June 25th 2013
Fixes some bugs found throughout Modio.
Fixes and new features for the chat.
5.13 - June 11th 2013
Adds a new editor, Remember Me.
5.121 - June 2nd 2013
Adds a new editor, Call of Juarez: Gunslinger.
Adds unread message notifications to the chat.
5.11 - May 26th 2013
Adds a new editor, Resident Evil Revelations.
Fixes bugs and adds features for the chat.
5.1 - May 20th 2013
Adds two new editors: Monaco and Portal Still Alive.
Adds a chat for Modio users to talk to each other.
5.08 - May 4th 2013
Bug fixes for some editors.
Minor UI tweaks.
No new editors this update, they'll be in the next one.
5.07 - April 27th 2013
Added a Dead Island Riptide editor.
Added "Reviews" for shared saves. You can now let others know how good, or bad, a save is.
Other minor bug fixes and tweaks.
5.06 - April 20th 2013
Added two new editors, Sacred Citadel and Injustice Gods Among Us.
Added new features to Battleblock Theater.
5.05 - April 13th 2013
Added four new editors: MW3, Motocross Madness, Ninja Gaiden 3, and BattleBlock Theater.
Added enhancements to the device explorer.
Added more features to the Gears of War: Judgement editor.
Other misc tweaks to enhance overal usability.
5.04 - April 5th 2013
Added two new throwback editors. Modern Warfare 1 and 2.
Added a simple device explorer.
Added more features to the Terraria editor.
Other misc tweaks to enhance overal usability.
5.03 - March 29th 2013
Added two new editors, Terraria and BioShock 2.
General tweaks and bugfixes.
5.02 / 5.025 - March 22nd 2013
Added a BioShock Infinite editor. (5.025)
Added two new editors, Gears of War Judgement and Halo 3 ODST.
General tweaks and bugfixes.
5.01 - March 14th 2013
Added two new editors: Naruto Storm 3 and Yu-Gi-Oh.
Added infinite scrolling to the save sharer search results pages.
Added ability to report abusive or spam saves in the save sharer.
Added ability to look at the save editors from the Moddable Games tab page
Misc bug fixes and tweaks.
5.0 - March 7th 2013
Initial release to the public!

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