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Modio 5.191

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Use MODIO to browse your XBOX360 USB Sticks!
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Change log (5.191):
5.191 - July 28th 2013
Adds a gamer picture changer for profiles.
Tweaks to the achievement unlocker and how it works.
Fixes some minor bugs that were reported.
Support for Windows 8.1
Usability ehnahcements for all explorers. (Ex: Drag and Drop in/out to/from folders)

5.18 - July 19th 2013
Adds an achievement unlocker for profiles.
Tweaks and bug fixes. (5.181)

5.17 - July 15th 2013
Adds two new editors, Painkiller and Fallout: New Vegas.

5.16 - July 7th 2013
Adds a new editor for Deadpool.

5.15 - July 1st 2013
Adds two new editors, Red Dead Redemption and Just Cause 2.

5.14 - June 25th 2013
Fixes some bugs found throughout Modio.
Fixes and new features for the chat.

5.13 - June 11th 2013
Adds a new editor, Remember Me.

5.121 - June 2nd 2013
Adds a new editor, Call of Juarez: Gunslinger.
Adds unread message notifications to the chat.

5.11 - May 26th 2013
Adds a new editor, Resident Evil Revelations.
Fixes bugs and adds features for the chat.

5.1 - May 20th 2013
Adds two new editors: Monaco and Portal Still Alive.
Adds a chat for Modio users to talk to each other.
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