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HDDHackr 1.22 Build 20091022

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HDDHackr 1.30 Build 20110303
Team MODFREAKz released a new version of HDDHackr, a tool that allows you to use some Western Digital laptop HDDs as Xbox 360 HDD.

Change log (1.22 Build 20091022):
What's new/fixed (since v1.00 Build 20090523):
* Added support for the Western Digital Scorpio Series manufactured 2009 (v1.22)
* Fixed issue with Intel ICH9, ICH10 and VIA chipsets (v1.20)
* Implemented progress bar (v1.20)
* Added support for 80GB and 250GB HDDs (HDDSS.BIN required) (v1.20)
* Fixed issue, that sometimes caused flashing of Model Name to incorrect offset. (v1.11)
* Added option to create Partitions 0/2/3 (no more manual hex editing) (v1.10)
* Bug fixed, that caused errors like "LBA size does not match" (v1.10)
* Improved compatibility (v1.10)
* Minor changes (v1.10)
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