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x360key/xk3y firmware 1.20Beta4

Our download center contains a more recent version of the file you're trying to download:
x360key/xk3y firmware 2.01-4
xk3y - Quick Users Guide v1.1

1. Open your Xbox 360 and extract the drivekey from your ODD. (dummy.bin for SLIM and firmware.bin for FAT)

2. Included with the xk3y is a MicroSD card, on this SD card there is two files "rootfs" & "uImage" (DO NOT FORMAT the MicroSD card!)
2.1 add the extracted drivekey file to the MicroSD card. (make sure you right click and eject your card from the PC, otherwise you may corrupt the files)

3. Place the MicroSD card in the MicroSD slot located on the xk3y Main Board.

4. Connect the xk3y main board between your Xbox360 main board and DVD drive (connecting to the DVD drive is not a requirement, but to use pass-through mode and play games from disc its a must)

Cable layout is as follow.

SATA: Original SATA cable from Xbox main board to (J3) on XK main board.
SATA: Included SATA cable from from Xbox DVD drive to (J2) XK main board.
POWER: Original Power cable from Xbox main board to (P2) on XK main board.
POWER: Included Power cable from Xbox DVD Drive to (P1) on XK main board.
USB: Connect MicroUSB cable from (J4) on XK main board to XK Remote.

Boot Modes
1. Drive Emulation: Start XB360 by pressing the Main Power Switch.
2. isoMenu mode: Start XB360 by pressing the Main Power Switch and the eject to load the isoMenu (read isoMenu.txt for more details)
3. Pass Through: Start XB360 by pressing the Eject button. This will make your XB360 start up in normal mode and let you play game from your original Disc Drive.

How to play games
1. Use any USB drive/hdd media device formatted in NTFS or other supported file formats.
3. Create a folder called "games" in the root of the HDD.
3.1 In the games folder create any folder structure you like.
For example, "games>sports" "games>action"
4. Take your favorite .ISO files and drop them in any folder inside the games folder structure.
5. Enjoy xk3y!

Its also possible to have several HDD devices connected via a powered USB HUB. xk3y will automatically detect all drives and you can then select from the xk3y remote which HDD to use.

IMPORTANT INFO for AP25/XGD3 protected games. (Requires xk3y firmware 1.02 or up)

For all XGD3 games (GoW3, Driver, WarHammer 40K, etc.) it is necessary to put the corresponding "dae.bin" file (that matches your dash board version) in the /games directory. This file can change whenever MS release a Dash update but there is no need to repatch/reburn games, just replace the dae.bin."

Change log (1.20Beta4):
v1.00 [internal] Initial Release
v1.01 [internal] Initial XGD3 support
v1.02 [16/9/11] Patch free AP25 support
Improved updater (NTFS)
Improved udev handling at boot
v1.03 [03/10/11] Fixed "updating when USB device is removed"
Added 0800 Rip support
01.04 [14/10/11]
Fixed Hitachi 78/79 & XGD3
Fixed Samsung & XGD3
Increased AP25 failure grace period
Implemented MenuIso menu system
Changed behavior when an ISO is selected and tray is closed. ISO is now queued until tray opens
Added Mount point count to main menu
Added xkey.cfg file

01.05 [17/10/11]
Added thumbnails to IsoMenu.

Removed msu.txt, added alternate Slim FW handling.
Lizard 0225u dumps, do nothing, XK will now detect 0225u automatically
JF 0225u dumps, add the following to xkey.cfg


0225d dumps (0401 label, 0225 firmware), add the following to xkey.cfg


NOTE: For some 0225/0401/1071 it may be necessary to use this param if you are seeing "play DVD". Valid values are 0-6

Changed partition naming, now shows "Volume Label"
Improved HDD detection at boot time
Added support for MAC & EFI partitions
01.06 [26/10/11]
Fixed SD driver bug
Added Ext3FS support for new SD images
Fixed IsoMenu & JPGs with large EXIF data
Limited JPGs in ISO Menu to 200KB
Added support for user generated Web content
Integrated Mr_Waffles "Dark Theme" web content as the default. Thanks Mr Waffles!
Enabled multilanguage support, to use add the following to xkey.cfg


Where XXX is one of the following:

TCN Traditional Chinese

DEU German
DEN Danish
ENG English
ESP Spanish
FRA French
ITA Italian
NED Dutch
NOR Norwegian
POR Portuguese
SWE Swedish

Fixed &, in directory names

01.07 [??????]
Integrated Mr Waffles latest code
Added French, Norwegian languages
01.10Beta2 [19/11/11]
Added support for disk profiling. In this build
XGD3 games - Disk Profile ID 0c3df524599094e6cb87ecc8-f87a804e
COD:MW2 & COD:BO - Title IDs 41560817 / 41560855
01.10Beta3 [19/11/11]
More Mr Waffles latest code
01.11Beta1 [21/11/11]
Improved disk profiling code
Added "No Profile Data" message
Added more game profiles
01.11Final [9/12/11]
Added more strings
IND Indonesian
POL Polish
ROM Romanian
Added support for static IPs
Added support for Unencrypted & WEP WLANs
01.12 [25/12/11]
Fixed "Network Fail" Message
Latest Mr_Waffles Web app
Improved French strings
Added more strings
TUR Turkish
Removed Asian Language lock
01.20Beta1 [04/01/12]
Added support for all XGD2 games
Added Ext4 support
Added support for XK3Y Gecko dummy files
01.20Beta2 [06/01/12]
Latest Mr Waffles code
01.20Beta3 [07/01/12]
Added automatic reload of the last played game.
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