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x360key/xk3y DVD Menu unstable Beta

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What is the XKey dvdMenu?
The XKey DVD menu is an alternative isoMenu. It allows a user to select a game to load by loading a premade ISO file. The ISO is generated using a Microsoft Windows application (sorry no Linux yet) Only 99 ISO files are supported, using more than this will crash the app at this time.

Why have a premade ISO?
As you will soon see creating a DVD iso takes time (and that’s with a fast CPU and lots of memory). To create a iso file on a smaller device would take hours, that’s one long boot time!

What’s wrong with the current isoMenu?
Short answer: Nothing
Long answer: The current menu works great, however it can be a little hard for some people (and young kids) to remember how to load picture viewer select the file etc. It was my aim to find a quicker and easier way to load games for my kids, and thanks to TA he helped me come up with dvdMenu

Why only support 99 games?
This is a limitation of how the menu is currently made and mapped. This is being worked on!

Why uses DVD Style at all, why not make you down software to create a DVD menu?
Creating a dvd menu is no simple task. DVD Styler does a great of doing it and is cross compatible, meaning in feature the XKey dvdMenu app could be made to work on other systems

I don’t like the resolution of the DVD Menu created and would like to change it to HD…How?
You can’t! Dvd specifications are clear as to what resolutions are supported and HD is not!

But I thought the Xbox supported HD DVD’s?
While the Xbox does have software to play HD DVD’s an external player is required. If anyone has gotten this to work with the internal DVD drive please let me know, I would love to use this instead!

What are all these XML files now on my HDD?
The XML files are now used to store game information, such as game title, banners and covers. The XML file can be used by other solutions such as the wifi website interface.

Can I delete the XML files?
Yes (as long as you don’t use it for other solutions), however all information would need to be downloaded again. It is better to have the files and not re-download every time.

I don’t like the layout, how can I change it?
It is possible to create custom themes; however this thread will not deal with this information.

DVD Styler Crashed on step 2… Help!!!
This can be for 3 reasons,
An invalid template has been generated.
DVD Styler has a bug
A random crash
For each of the problems first thing to try is “try again”. If it fails again and again then it could be a 1 or 2. Post your log info and dvdtemplate.dvds file from the installation folder somewhere and post a link on the form. If you have time, try and see if a particular ISO is causing the issue.

My installation folder is empty!
This is a windows user account control problem, reinstall and using admin rights (right click run as administrator)

I want to choose my own game details or cover/banner
You can add your own title inside any game XML file. You can override your menu images using
Banners: {ISONAME}-banner.png
Covers: {ISONAME}-cover.jpg
If you want to add a trailler you can use: {ISONAME}.wma

Known Issues:
• When starting the DVDMENU you may have to manually go back to the main menu
• Games in the menu are ordered by ISO name not game name
• If you don't have permissions for the folder the app crashes- ensure you have both read and write permissions

1. Make sure your xkey.cfg has MENUDVD=Y
2. Extract
3. Install
4. Launch
5. Select drive with games installed
6. Click if you want to download info from
7. Click if you want to download trailers from
8. Click Step 1 (Scan)
9. If step 1 compete ok start step 2 (Create)
10. If step 2 is ok start step 3(Copy), if step 2 fails try again.
11. If step 3 completes

Change log ( unstable Beta):
support up to 120 games
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