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Wiiscrubber 1.2

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Wiiscrubber Kit with multiloader 1.40
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QUOTE(Changelog)Wiiscrubber 1.2

Think you'll like this version :)

Whats new?
1. Smaller compressed sizes possible as a bug fix was marking data
that wasn't actually used.
2. Allows for replacement of files on the ISO -i.e Right click LOAD menu works
3. Allows for replacement of files larger than the original
4. Auto Trucha signs if a file is replaced

Bug fixes:
1. Another 32/64 bit error meant that I was marking data used that
wasn't. This saves about an extra 100-200 Meg from an image.
2. Few display errors corrected
3. A 32/64 error meant some files could not be extracted correctly

Thanks to Waninkoko for releasing the source of the WiiFrii code as it allowed
me to implement the Trucha bits.

Change log (1.2):
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