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DolTool 0.3

Console's executable file converter tool

Allow conversion between .dol, .elf and .bin file

DolTool v0.3 - loser 2003

oO What is a Dol file Oo

a dol file is a gamecube executable file.
when compiling code for gamecube, an elf file is the typical
output file format. the elf file is then converted into a dol file.
a dol file can be thought of as a simplified elf file.

oO So what can this tool do for me? Oo

since the dol file format is a custom format for the gamecube,
there dont exist any tools for manipulating them.
this tool can give you information on a dol file, as well as
being able to convert between the dol format and other more
common formats. this tool can do the following conversions:

elf -> dol
dol -> elf
bin -> dol
dol -> bin

oO Source code Oo

the source code to this tool has been included due to requests
from ppl in the scene who wish to either port this tool or see
how it works, or improve it :)

i initially had high hopes on making the source code easy to read
and not too messy, however as time got short (things like work
getting in the way) the code started getting messier and more
hacked together :o/ oh well. hopefully u can understand my code
enough to make use of it. the DolFile class should be ok due to
its simplicity, but the ElfFile class was a bit more complicated
(and i was running out of time when i started on it :P) so take care
when using it hehe

oO Contact info Oo


Change log (0.3):
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