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Working R4 Pokemon Heart Gold cheats

NDS Downloads » Cheat Files » Other cheat files
i only tested on r4 :nds:
00000000000000001255 1.23 KB 00000000000000029206 29206 views

Maplestory ds patch 1.0

NDS Downloads » ROM hacks » Game Fixes
It currently works for Wood r4 and many other flashcards After patch use the nds file not the bak file!
00000000000000025693 25.09 KB 00000000000000010596 10596 views

Abstract Green Skin 1.3

NDS Downloads » Skins » EZ-Flash V Skins
This is my first skin for any flashcard.I hope you like it.This is also for the gbatemp EZ5i skinning competition.I trie...
00000000000000605034 590.85 KB 00000000000000000893 893 views