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EZ5i firmware update and unbricker 108a

NDS Downloads » Flashcart Files » EZ-Flash Series
This download is only applicable to EZ5i users, it is not to be confused with the bootstrap updates of the earlier EZ5 m...
00000000000001065142 1.02 MB 00000000000000027079 27079 views

Dingoo Hacked Unbricker tool (Test version) v0.1

Others Downloads » Dingoo Systems » Firmwares & Tools
use it with an ILLI331.dl file from one of the other unbricker tool and for example the a320.hxf from firmware 1.20 ! ...
00000000000015660921 14.94 MB 00000000000000006008 6008 views

Universal Unbricker-Flash Utility (English Guide) 1.0

Others Downloads » Dingoo Systems » Firmwares & Tools
see the included docs for more information.
00000000000012687768 12.1 MB 00000000000000005170 5170 views

Gemei Tech A330 Unbricker 1.0

Others Downloads » Other systems
Mind you, I haven't been able to make it work. I managed to brick one of the two GA330 that ChinaChip kindly provided, b...
00000000000034164379 32.58 MB 00000000000000003836 3836 views

PRXunbricker - Semibricked PSP unbricker 1.0

PSP Downloads » Tools & Utilities » Other Tools & Utilities
PRXUnbricker 1.0 by West-Li -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------...
00000000000001551955 1.48 MB 00000000000000003759 3759 views