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New Super Mario Bros. 3 [by SKJmin] 2.5c

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New Super Mario Bros. 3 [by SKJmin] 3.0a - Demo 2 - Revision 10
Just some minor bugfixes!
Now I'm gonna finish the FINAL Version!
Version 3.0!!

Gimme me some months!!

Change log (2.5c):
[ALL] camera issues when "falling down into a hole" fixed!
[ALL] centered some orange/red/blue switches!
[ALL] changed the dual-screen priorities in exits!! "Show Mario" in TOP/BOTTOM screen!
[1-5] fixed the "spark"-coin issue on the vine!
[1-CASTLE] fixed some ship-tiles
[2-1] fixed the misplaced door/exit!
[2-6] freezing-error in the cave section fixed
[3-A] Turtle-Shell-Hanging-Block modified! Caused a glitch!
[5-3] door in the STAR-ROOM was misplaced! Fixed!!
[6-TOWER2] missing tile in the STAR COIN #2 room!
[6-A] celling of the final section was destructable, fixed!!
[7-2] pipe-exit was not correct placed, fixed!
[7-3] disabled the "connected-pipe" in the second castle-room!
[7-6] added a nice fake STAR COIN :)
[7-A] added a "RICKROLLED" easteregg room!
[7-CASTLE] fixed the route of the "GREEN-SNAKE"
[8-1] View/Camera settings advanced!
[8-3] destructable bridge position fixed!
[8-TOWER1] removed a complete section! Caused a glitch!
[8-CASTLE] grammar fixed... REPLY -> REPLAY! :P
[8-FINAL] Changed some names (Credits)
[8-FINAL] Added the "new" passwords section and revealed the new bonus content!
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